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Formula #521 *** Dupe of Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

Formula #521 *** Dupe of Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

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Dupe of Bergamote 22

Duplicating the 2006 classic, this unisex fragrance has a fresh bergamot top note, a floral heart, and a woody, earthy finish, creating a perfectly harmonious homage to its timeless predecessor.

Retails for $160 at Sephora.

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Customer Reviews

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I was browsing Nordstrom recently and stopped by Le Labo for a sniff. The friendly counter lady gave me a sample of Bergamote 22 and I was smitten! But by no means was I going to pay $$$$. Luckily I was familiar with Perfectly Scentsable (now The Dupe Shop) and I bought myself a full size right away. The great thing is that this formula is more potent and really lasts! The scent is clean snd fresh, slightly citrusy (I’m reminded a tad bit of D&G Light Blue, but less sweet and not screechy). It’s perfect for warm weather. Signature scent worthy for anyone. 10/10